Trash and Treasures

Store Policy                                                                                                                                                     Last updated 18/10/2018

What we buy.

  • Books, CDs, DVDs, games, magazines, and puzzles in good condition.

Books need to be clean and undamaged (no rips/tears or writing). 

However, execptions are possible at owners discretion,  

Inquires welcome.

CDs and DVDs need to be clean and unmarked.

Games and puzzles must be complete with undamaged packaging.

*All incoming stock will be considered on condition, current stock and whether it is believed that it will sell or not.

Unfortunatly, books are not as quick to sell as they have been in the past. 

Many people are changing their collections to digital over the 'real' thing

and there are simply more sellers than buyers. 

This does mean that there are times when we simply cannot buy 

as we do not have enough that are being brought. 

We are always happy to take donations or give shop credit*

Book selling is not about profit - it's about a love of books

and wanting to share that love with other readers.

The sad truth is that something is only worth what people

are willing to pay for it and

people do not seem to be willing to pay much for books. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Things we don't buy:

  • Anything by Reader’s Digest
  • Encyclopedias
  • Microwave cookbooks
  • “Coffee-table” books
  • Vinyl, VHS tapes and Video Games
  • Ex-Library books

What we offer

In exchange for stock purchased we offer cash or the same value in store credit for your convenience. We value incoming stock based on what we would sell them for and offer one quarter (¼) of the appraised value.  For example: a book priced at $10 would be $2.50.

We require ID, address and phone number for purchases at our discretion as required by law. If we suspect goods are stolen, we may take any precaution necessary as required by law.

Store Credit

Store credit can either be spent on the day, or accumulated. It can be used on any item in the store, regardless of the type of stock you brought in. Credit can be held by a single person, a family, or shared between multiple people provided you let us know beforehand. If store credit remains unused after 1 year (12 months) we will attempt to make contact to see if it is still wanted. If we cannot make contact, the store credit will expire. Store credit may be cashed up provided adequate notice is given.

There is a maximum of $80 allowed to be accumulated in store credit. If any additional stock is purchased after this limit, you will be paid out in cash or required to spend it immediately.


Processing time varies and can range from immediately to a fortnight based on staff workload.

If payment cannot be made for any reason after 3 months the stock will be considered unclaimed and will become store property.


All rejects must be collected when you collect your payment, or as soon as possible afterwards. Rejects left uncollected after 3 months will be considered unclaimed property and will be taken into stock.


When a requested item comes into stock, customers will be contacted and the item will be held for two weeks. After this time, one reminder will be sent and the item will be held for a further week, after which time it will be returned to stock.

Paid-for items will be held for up to 3 months after which time they will be returned to stock if not collected.