Trash and Treasures

Book Recomendations!

We have our lovely collection of books set up in catergories to make it easier to find things.  However, this can still seem overwhelming when you have SO many books and SO little time!  So we have picked out some winners that we hope will make you be the grinners


General Fiction:

Pretty much anything written by a male that doesn't belong in any of the other categories

Women's Fiction

Pretty much anything written by a female that also doesn't belong in any of the other categories

No Agatha Christie here sorry!

Historical Romance

If you like a little romance that is set in the historical period of yesterday and before... this is the shelf for you!

(HINT: this is also where you find the mills and boon)

Paranormal Romance

Vampires - sparkly or not - can be found in with this lot!

Teen Fiction/Young Adult

Not yet all growed up and yet still not a baby...

this is where you might find your next book - maybe!

Science Fiction/Fantasy

So if it's written by a girl

or written by a guy

but it's set where reality dare not dwell

featuring hobbit holes which are swell...

it's outta this world

and maybe outta space

but excellent books

live in this place! 

Historical Fiction

Set in the olden days

Like Queen Victoria wasn't even born yet!

and sometimes she was

But it's way before now

Nostalgia Fiction

Sadly my friends, these writers have passed

into the great unknown

but their stories are not lost

Authors who have passed between 1900 and 2000


Sadly my friends, these writers have also passed

but they passed in the olden days

and yet their stories are still great!

In fact, the key to being a classic is never to date

(ba dum bum pish)

Classic Crime/Cosy Crime

It's a crime

to rhyme

when explaining something

Agatha Christie is classic 

and she enjoyed snow


Emily Toll is cosy

as cosy as can be

it's cutesy wutsey crime

and often has a theme

like knitting

or sewing

to make all the killing

less obscene!